Jesse Daniel Salon Rude, Rip-off

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I came in to get make-up, and my hair styled and colored. I was charged for services I did not receive for the hair, and a make-up service that was so unsatisfactory that I took the make-up off and did it myself. I forked out $385.

First of all the style was pretty until it fell out within an hour of my wedding. I told her to use hairspray but apparently it wasn't enough. I also did my own veil placement (which I was charged for). Also, my roots were showing. I called them to let them know my situation and that I needed my roots fixed, but the owner told me there was no way I was getting any money back and even had the nerve to tell me she gave me a discount. Folks, the prices are right on the website.

I let them know by attaching a picture through email that shows my roots but again the owner was rude and told me she couldn't see what I was talking about. Instead of trying to be understanding she was incredibly rude.

I understand why she's protective of her salon, but to have good customer service its best to at least hear the customer out without verbally attacking them. Now I have to go to a new salon to have my roots fixed.

Jesse Daniel Salon- Make Up Department Unprofessional

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The make-up girl used cheap make up, felt greasy and heavy. She didn't do the colors I wanted. I told her I don't like peach on my lips, I like pink. She told me she would not change the lips because it does not go with heavy eye make up. I told her I DON'T LIKE the heavy eye make up, only heavy lashes. She added fake lashes, but sadly they were thin and short. I could wear mascara and have fuller lashes, which is sad cuz I have like NO lashes. She still could not fix it to my liking because her professional opinion clashed with what I wanted, as she told me how she's published in magazines. That's good that she is, but I'm a bride; This is NOT a photo-shoot for a high-fashion model runway show, and therefore make-up styles can differ.

So I just decided to take the make-up off, and do my own the day of. I'd like you to know I've had my make-up done many times-- this is NOT a first; I've done pageants, and they can almost always do my make up the way I like it. I understand people like to be paid for their work, but shouldn't the work be satisfactory? And if it is unsatisfactory shouldn't they change it?

Example: You pay to have ur car painted red; it comes back blue. You ask them to change it. They decide to not change it to red because in their professional opinion it looks better blue. That's what happened to me only with make-up. It took her time and effort to apply the make-up though! (the salon's argument).

Would YOU ask for a refund?

Review about: Make Up Department.



I would DEMAND a refund! You're not her personal barbie doll- you're a customer.

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